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Experience is a great teacher. And Kamran's experience as an entrepreneur has benefited many a high-tech start-up. A venture capitalist with a social conscience, Kamran has a unique yardstick for assessing a company's value technology for harmony.

Since 1999, when he co-founded Global Catalyst Partners along with Eliezer Manor, Koji Osawa, and Arthur F. Schneiderman, the firm has helped finance and steer more than a dozen start-ups toward success, in an increasingly competitive terrain. The partners bring a unique, transnational approach to developing and executing growth strategies. For example, they draw together technical genius, research intellect, managerial acumen, and financial savvy from different countries, such as India, Israel, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, and United States, to help create a truly international company.

"Typically, a venture capitalist," Kamran explains, "bets on multiple projects, and his or her allegiance must first be to the fund. Although a venture capitalist still puts in much effort into making a company successful, but when push comes to shove he or she cannot be super emotional - at least in theory. I tend to get very involved in every project and try to share my vision with the founders."

Kamran is the chairman and co-founder of Global Catalyst Partners

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